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A Bible story - 10 men with leprosy

Stories of those with Leprosy today

Story 1 - Hari

This story is told by a short film

Story 2 - Elsa

Hi, I'm Elsa, I live in Mozambique.  This is my schoolbag.  The writing says 'Leprosy Is Curable'.  My schoolbag and books were given to me by The Leprosy Mission and the Iphiro Yphoolo education project. 

They are going to make sure I get a good education.  I haven't had leprosy but some of my family did so that made getting into a school difficult.  I'm in the 5th Grade but next year I'll be going to a bigger school.  

Every afternoon I wave goodbye to my family and friends and walk to school.  My family work on the farm growing maize and peanuts.  When i grow up I want to be a Maths teacher and maybe even work at a school in the big town. 

With The Leprosy Mission and the Iphiro Yphoolo project my dream will become a reality.  I work hard at school to get good grades and make my family proud.   


STORY 3 - Amissina

Hi, I'm Amissina, I live in Mputo village, in Mozambique.  I'm not exactly sure when I was dignosed with leprosy, it was about a year ago.  I noticed a pale mark on my arm, I knew as soon as I saw the mark that I needed to go to the local health centre.  The doctor diagnosed me with leprosy. 

I was given multi-drug therapy tablets and had to take them every day for 6 months.  I was frightened when I was told I had leprosy, because I had seen other people with damaged hands and feet because of leprosy.

Thankfully, I didn't experience any rejection when I told people I had leprosy.  My husband was ok with it.  I'm also thankful that I didn't have any damage to my hands or feet.  My husband and I have a small farm where we grow maize, cassava and beans, this is enough to feed us and our children.  

I also joined the ALEMO group, which helps people cope with leprosy.  The group has been helpful in teaching me more about the best way to look after our farm and get the most from it.   

STORY 4 - Jorgina


Hi, I'm Jorgina, I live in Ntapata village in Mozambique.  My mum and dad have a small farm for growing crows.  I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. 

I first came into contact with The Leprosy Mission because my grandad had leprosy.  They helped him get better and enrolled me in the Iphiro Yohoolo project. 

The project takes care of my school fees, provides books, equipment and uniform so that I can get a good education. 

The Leprosy Mission have been helping me in this way for 3 years.  Each day my mum sees me off to school.  When I grow up I'd like to be a nurse, maybe a midwife.  The Leprosy Mission will help me to go to the nursing college if my school grades are good.  I've made lots of friends at school and am working hard to get good grades.